Virgin America Safety Video


It should be the first time in history when an airline safety video becomes a sophisticated viral marketing campaign. Airlines start to understand that their brand image and service should go to as far as safety cards and videos. Delivering…

S7 Ilyushin Il-86


Airline: S7 Airlines (wiki)
Aircraft: Ilyushin Il-86
Number of Ilyushin Il-86 in S7 Airlines Fleet: 0 (9 aircrafts removed from service in 2008) (photos)
Safety Exits: 8
Cabin Safety Equipment…: oxygen masks, life jackets, rescue


United Boeing 777-200


Airline: United (website) (wiki)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200 (wiki)
Number of Boeing 777-200 in United’s Service: 19 and 55 ER (extended range) (photos)
Safety Exits: 8
Cabin Safety Equipment…: inflatable evacuation slides, emergency floor lighting, oxygen