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Delta In-flight Safety Video

Cebu Pacific Air ATR 72-500

Airline: Cebu Pacific Air (wiki)

Aircraft: ATR 72-500

Number of ATR 72-500 in Cebu Pacific Air Fleet: 8 (photos)

Safety Exits: 4

Cabin Safety Equipment: oxygen masks, life vests.

Safety Card Languages: English

Format: Card

Did You Know: Cebu Pacific is still banned in European Union, although the airline continues to improve safety.
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United Boeing 777-200

Airline: United (website) (wiki)

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200 (wiki)

Number of Boeing 777-200 in United’s Service: 19 and 55 ER (extended range) (photos)

Safety Exits: 8

Cabin Safety Equipment: inflatable evacuation slides, emergency floor lighting, oxygen masks, life vests, life rafts.

Safety Card Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Spanish

Format: Booklet.

Revision: CA777/OW Rev.10/11

Did You Know: Boeing 777 is the larger twin-engine jet airliner and the first commercial airliner designed entirely on computer. United is one of major users of Boeing 777.

This card was designed by (c) Aero Safety Graphics.
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El Al Boeing 737-800 Safety Video