List of Safety Cards in the Collection

Here is a list of all cards at this moment
Aegean Airlines A320-200
Aeroflot A320
Aeroflot A320-200
Aeroflot A321
Aeroflot A321-200
Aeroflot A330-200
Aeroflot IL96-300
Aeroflot IL96-300
Aeroflot TU-154 M
Aeroflot Nord TU-154
Aeroflot-Don IL-86
Aerosvit B767-300
Aerosvit B737-200/300/500
Aerosvit B737-500
Air Asia A320
Air Bashkortostan B757-200
Air Mandalay ATR 72-210/ATR 42-320
Airberlin Group A320
Airberlin Group Dash8-Q400
Airfrance A320
Airfrance A380
Airphil Express Q300
Alitalia A319
Alitalia A320
Alitalia B777
American Airlines B737
American Airlines B767
Armavia A320
Armavia CRJ100/200
bmi A320
Britair CRJ700
Cathay Pacific A330
Cathay Pacific A340-300
Cebu Pacific A320/A319
Cebu Pacific ATR72-500
dba Fokker 100
Delta A320 SR
Delta B757-200
Delta B757-300
Delta B767-300ER
Domodedovo airlines IL96-300
Domodedovo airport n/a
easyJet A319
easyJet B737-700
El Al Israel Airlines B757
Emirates A380
Esen Air B737-200
Finnair A320
First Great Western train
Globus B737-800
Hainan Airlines B737-800
Hellas Jet A320
Hongkong Airlines A330
Iberia A340-600
Iberia A319B
Interjet A320
Jat Airways B737-300
jetBlue A320
Kdavia B737-300
KMV Tu-204
Kyrgyzstan Air Company AN-24 RV
Kyrgyzstan Air Company TU-134
Kyrgyzstan Air Company Tu-154M
Malev Fokker 70
Montenegro Airlines Embraer 195
Myair CRJ900
Nok B737-400
Nordwind B757-200
Olympic Airlines B737-400
PAL (Пермские авиалинии) N/a
PAL (Пермские авиалинии) TU-134A
Qatar Airways B777-300ER
Rossiya A319-100
Rossiya A320-200
Rossiya An-148-100
Rossiya TU-154
S7 A310
S7 A319
S7 A320
S7 B737-400
S7 B737-500
S7 B737-800
S7 TU-154M
Singapore Airlines B777-200
South Airlines Saab 340
Transaero B737-300/500
Transaero B737-400
Transaero B737-500
Transaero B747-200
Transaero B777-200
Turkish Airlines A320-200
Turkish Airlines B737-800
Ukraine International Airlines B737-400
United A319
United A320
United B767-300
unknown B737-200
Ural Airlines A320
Ural Airlines A321
Ural Airlines Tu-154B
Utair TU-134
Utair TU-134
Utair Tu-154
Utair B737-500
Uzbekistan Airways TU-154M
VIM Airlines B757-200
Volda-Dnepr YAK-40
Днiпроавia Embraer 145
Сибирь B737-500
Сибирь IL86
Сибирь TU-154
Сибирь А310
Татарстан Авиакомпания Yak-42
Татарстан Авиакомпания B737-500
Ямал B737-500

All safety cards belong to respected airlines and were kindly provided by airline offices or crew of actual airplanes. Others were photographed on the flight and exchanged with our collectors.

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