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Delta Boeing 737-800 Safety Video, 80’s-style

Delta has made something that should be an answer to the Virgin’s in-flight safety video. There’s no music nor dances but if you are aware of the 80’s, you’ll find it amusing. ALF, audio cassette, Kareem Abdul Jabar as the first officer and folks not having a clue about WiFi.

What else do you recognize from the 80’s?

Virgin America Safety Video

It should be the first time in history when an airline safety video becomes a sophisticated viral marketing campaign. Airlines start to understand that their brand image and service should go to as far as safety cards and videos. Delivering their vision that flights are fun and playing with standard passengers behavior (“don’t make me ask you again”), Virgin actually makes you watch this video because it is just fresh and entertaining. When nobody wants to read safety cards and watch flight attendants demonstrating safety features, this is a sign that information should be provided in a better way.

Virgin has also produced a ‘behind the scenes’ video:

And of course there is a Twitter hashtag #VXsafetydance, which you can follow to read how everyone loves it.

And if you really really love it, you can download the song here.

S7 Ilyushin Il-86

Airline: S7 Airlines (wiki)

Aircraft: Ilyushin Il-86

Number of Ilyushin Il-86 in S7 Airlines Fleet: 0 (9 aircrafts removed from service in 2008) (photos)

Safety Exits: 8

Cabin Safety Equipment: oxygen masks, life jackets, rescue rafts.

Safety Card Languages: English, Russian

Format: Booklet

Did You Know: This safety cards is from RA-86104, one of two stored Il-86 in Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport (UNNT). Their last flight was in 2008 and today the airport prepares the other Il-86 for public installation as a museum.

Many thanks to PR office of Tolmachevo for providing this historic card to our collection.

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Yeti Airlines Jetstream 41

AirlineYeti Airlines (wiki)

AircraftBAe Jetstream 41

Number of Jetstreams 41 in Yeti Airlines Fleet: 7 (photos)

Safety Exits: 4

Cabin Safety Equipment: oxygen masks, emergency stair.

Safety Card Languages: English, Nepali

Format: Booklet

Did You Know: Yeti Airlines is a domestic airline based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Among many destinations in the country, it offers a regular Everest Express flight with Jetstream 41 – a spectacular tour that brings you very close to the Everest and surrounding peaks.

Photographs of this safety card were taken on a Kathmandu – Pokhara flight.
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Tomsk Avia Cessna 208B Grand Caravan

Airline: Tomsk Avia (wiki)

Aircraft: Cessna 208B Grand Caravan

Number of Cessna 208B in Tomsk Avia Fleet: 3 (no photos)

Safety Exits: 4

Cabin Safety Equipment: fire extinguisher, emergency VHF radio, emergency location transmitter.

Safety Card Languages: Russian, English

Format: Card

Did You Know: Tomsk Avia is a regional airline based in Siberian city of Tomsk. It runs regular flights between cities and towns in Siberia. Read about launching of a new flight between Gorno-Altaysk, Novosibirsk and Tomsk (with photos).

The card features images from the Cessna’s Flight Manual.
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Air New Zealand Safety Briefing

Delta In-flight Safety Video

Cebu Pacific Air ATR 72-500

Airline: Cebu Pacific Air (wiki)

Aircraft: ATR 72-500

Number of ATR 72-500 in Cebu Pacific Air Fleet: 8 (photos)

Safety Exits: 4

Cabin Safety Equipment: oxygen masks, life vests.

Safety Card Languages: English

Format: Card

Did You Know: Cebu Pacific is still banned in European Union, although the airline continues to improve safety.
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United Boeing 777-200

Airline: United (website) (wiki)

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200 (wiki)

Number of Boeing 777-200 in United’s Service: 19 and 55 ER (extended range) (photos)

Safety Exits: 8

Cabin Safety Equipment: inflatable evacuation slides, emergency floor lighting, oxygen masks, life vests, life rafts.

Safety Card Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Spanish

Format: Booklet.

Revision: CA777/OW Rev.10/11

Did You Know: Boeing 777 is the larger twin-engine jet airliner and the first commercial airliner designed entirely on computer. United is one of major users of Boeing 777.

This card was designed by (c) Aero Safety Graphics.
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El Al Boeing 737-800 Safety Video