Domodedovo Airport Taxi Safety Card

This card explains visitors of Moscow Domodedovo airport basics of safety when taking taxi. It also lists ways to get from the airport to Moscow city (by train, shuttle bus, or taxi).

The card’s back side is rather interesting – view the card to read its content.

Format: Card, passenger information

Condition: Excellent

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Domodedovo Safety Card

Front side:
Domodedovo Safety Card

Back side:

The card reads:

Domodedovo Airport warns:

No security guaranteed when using a private taxi car.

Private taxi services may be imposed on you in arrival areas

and in front of Passenger Terminal.

Beware of frauds!


A person offering private taxi service introduces himself as an airline representative and offers to get the passenger to Moscow for 50-150 rubles. On the way the passenger is informed that the mentioned price is for 1 km of the ride. When the passenger refuses to pay, he is offered to proceed to security service office or to pay the covered distance which is approximately from 5000 to 10000 rubles.

A private taxi person offers a passenger a shuttle bus trip for a fixed price of 80-150 rubles. The passenger finds a private car instead of a shuttle bus. On the way the passenger is told that the mentioned price is for 1 krn and is asked to pay at least for the half of the ride. Usually it is 2000-6000 rubles for a ride to Domodedovskaya metro station.

A passenger gets misinformed about public transport service, i.e. Aeroexpress train runs every 2-3 hours and shuttle busses run only to Domodedovo town. The passenger is offered a taxi ride to Moscow for 450 rubles, while 450 actually means 4150 rubles. The swindler uses the similarity of Russian phrases “four hundred and fifty” and “four and one hundred and fifty”, meaning in the second variant “four thousand”.

A passenger is asked by which flight he has arrived, then he is informed that there is a lottery for passengers of this flight. The winner gets a ride to any place of Moscow for a fixed price 80-120 rubles. The passenger’s ticket turns out to be the winning one. On the way the passenger is told the the mentioned price is for 1 km of the ride.

A passenger is frightened by police lawlessness and high crime rate and offered a taxi ride without any problems for a small amount of money. On the way the passenger is announced a large sum of money for a secure ride. When the passenger refuses to pay he gets threatened.

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