JetBlue Airbus A320

Airline: JetBlue Airways (website) (wiki)

Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 (wiki)

Number of Airbus A320-200 in JetBlue Fleet: 121(photos) (seat chart)

Safety Card Languages: English, Spanish

Format: Booklet

Revision: REV3-07

Did You Know: Almost every aircraft of JetBlue has its own name that contains word “blue”.


Front side:


Side 1:


Side 2:


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2 Responses to “JetBlue Airbus A320”

  1. Andrey aka Felis Says:

    Good day.
    My name is Andrey, also known as Felis. I’m developer of aircrafts for X-Plane flight simulator. Along the external visual model, i also make cabins and put safty cards there. The idea is to put different cards, depending on which airline user selects. for exaple we select British Airways livery and there will be BA safety cards in cabin.
    what is the conditions for use your images of safety cards? i would like to put some of them into my project. offcourse i can give credits to you and/or your site.

    sorry. this is the only way i found to contact you.

  2. Alex Says:

    X-plane is cool! You can just use the cards with a link to this website somewhere 🙂

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