Delta Airbus A320 SR

Airline: Delta (website) (wiki)

Aircraft: Airbus A320-211 (wiki)

Number of A320-200 in Delta Fleet: 69 (photos)

Safety Card Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish

Format: Booklet

Revision: 04-09

Did You Know: Airbus A320 SR is a Slide/Raft configuration of A320-211 for overwater flights. The rafts are pictured in the safety card.

Delta sickness bag with a flight attendant’s signature inside!


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Hellas Jet Airbus A320

Hellas Jet is a charter airline with its base in Athens, Greece.

Its fleet consists of just 2 aircrafts: 1 Airbus A320-211 (operated by Cyprus Airways) and 1 MD-83.

Format: Card

Condition: Quite good

Notes: Been folded. Issue 5 – October 2007


Hellas Jet Airbus A320 Safety Card

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