Esen Air Boeing 737-200

Airline: Esen Air (wiki)

Aircraft: Boeing 737-200 (wiki)

Number of Boeing 737-200 s in Esen Air Fleet: 2

Safety Card Languages: English, Russian, Kyrgyz

Format: Card

Did You Know: Esen Air is a Kyrgyzstan airline. We have another safety card of Esen Air, which has no airline name.


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Aerosvit Boeing 737-200/300/500

Airline: Aerosvit (website) (wiki)

Aircraft: Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-500 (wiki)

Number of Boeing 737-300/500 in Aerosvit Fleet: 7 (photos)

Safety Card Languages: Ukranian, English, Russian

Format: Card

Revision: 05 14.01.2011

Did You Know: Aerosvit never had Boeing 737-200 in its fleet.


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Unknown Boeing 737-200

This safety card has no airline name but I think it belongs to Esen Air, an airline based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Format: Card

Condition: Not too good

Notes: Jammed

Boeing 737 Safety Card

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