S7 Ilyushin Il-86

Airline: S7 Airlines (wiki)

Aircraft: Ilyushin Il-86

Number of Ilyushin Il-86 in S7 Airlines Fleet: 0 (9 aircrafts removed from service in 2008) (photos)

Safety Exits: 8

Cabin Safety Equipment: oxygen masks, life jackets, rescue rafts.

Safety Card Languages: English, Russian

Format: Booklet

Did You Know: This safety cards is from RA-86104, one of two stored Il-86 in Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport (UNNT). Their last flight was in 2008 and today the airport prepares the other Il-86 for public installation as a museum.

Many thanks to PR office of Tolmachevo for providing this historic card to our collection.

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Aeroflot-Don Ilyushin IL-86

Aerolfot-Don has four Ilyushin Il-86 widebody jets. In September 2008 Aeroflot cancelled contract with Aeroflot-Don because of its Boeing 737-500 accident in Perm. Now “Don” will operate under its own code and emblem.

Format: Card

Condition: Not so good

Notes: folded and jammed

Aeroflot-Don Ilyushin IL-86 Safety card

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