Kyrgyzstan Tu-154M

Airline: Kyrgyzstan (website) (wiki)

Aircraft: Tupolev Tu-154M (wiki)

Number of Tu-154M in Kyrgyzstan Air Company Fleet: 1 (photos)

Safety Card Languages: Kyrgyz, Russian, English, German

Format: Card

Did You Know: Air Company Kyrgyzstan is banned in the European Union due to safety concerns


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Kyrgyzstan An-24 RV

This small card is from one of three Antonov An-24 RV of Kyrgyzstan Air Company.

Format: Card

Condition: Excellent

Notes: Only one side card

Kygyzstan Airlines Antonov AN-24 Safety Card

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Kyrgyzstan Tu-134

Kyrgyzstan Air Company is a small airline with only six aircrafts. There is one Tupolev Tu-134. Card’s languages are English and Russian with some labels in Kyrgyz.

Format: Card

The only Kyrgyzstan’s Tu-134 was lost due to an accident at the Osh airport on December 28, 2011. During landing, the aircraft fell on the runway and was destroyed by fire. There were 73 passengers on board but luckily no casualties were reported. The accident was caused by thick fog at the airport.Kyrgyzstan Air Tupolev Tu-134 safety card
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